Monday, February 7, 2011


Simple block. Yeah?! I am sure I do it incorrectly. One of the points I know myself - sometimes I let my blocking hand to rest on the shoulder for a moment before the actual blocking swipe. 

Please tell me as many errors you have spotted as possible.

Thank you.


  1. It looks to me that your hip, on the side you are performing gedan barai, is coming forward in stead of the other side. You are twisting your hip using your spine as an axel. You should be using the part of your torso that is performing the defense. That is my opinion...

  2. Thank you. I am going to try... Ossu. Do not hesitate to add comments please. I am running my karate revision now. So, every little comment helps.

  3. Minor mistake is that your gedan barai suppose to star from ear, not from your shoulder.

  4. Ossu! Thank you. Going to work on it too.

    The same mistake I guess I have when doing SHUTO UKE. I am going to review it during my tomorrow KEIKO and will try to post SHUTO UKE/-UCHI as well soon.

  5. I have recieved a comment to my email. For some reason it doesn't appaer here in this blog. I will post it no mentioning the author's name (may be he/she didn't want to go public). So, here it is:

    Hi there

    I don't really like to point out "mistakes" as I firmly believe that a different way is not necessarily a mistake but often another point of view - maybe best suited for another situation.
    Therefore, the question is not much about what one does but why he/she does it.

    Anonymous, in his/her first comment, explains that technique should be applied with torso and not from the hips - please tell me if I'm mistaking.
    Then please explain how this view relate to use of hanmi position.
    Do you think hanmi is not starting from hips but only torso? Or do you think gedan-barai should not be done in hanmi position?

    Also, starting from the ear or from the shoulder during the preparation. Isn't it a matter of time VS power?
    The more time you have, the more you can use momentum and gravity to increase the power of your block.

    Don't get me wrong, this is kihon so you will have a "default" move/preparation/etc, but don't lose effectiveness and adaptability neither.

    Now, if I could make a suggestion, what do you think about closing that gap between your 2 arms when doing the preparation - just a matter of extra precaution in cause you don't guess the attack nor timing right.

    If I want go a bit further, my passive hand could do deflect the attack already and apply my gedan barai as an attack (sen no sen).

    And finally, I cannot really see your lower body but just in case. I would make sure my front knee stays solid - or roll to the front if I want a bit of sensen no sen - but I would not let my knee collapse in-side. This would expose a vulnerable knee and affect my stability.

    I know you promised not to "argue" with your guest comments but I believe you can at least discuss these ideas ;)

    Bon entrainement et a bientot

  6. I thank you and encourage everyone to ocmment, critisize, advise etc. on my videos. Right now I am on hold (I cannot speak about Japanese karatedo when Japan and its people are suffering so much).

    I will post later.
    Thanks everyone. Ossu.